VIA ships DDR chipsets for AMD processors

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VIA ships DDR chipsets for AMD processors

Sony Corp. has promised to double PlayStation 2 production in the next three months. In October, Sony reported problems with equipment at its fabrication facility in Nagasaki prefecture, on the island of Kyushu, had been fixed. Toshiba Corp. spokesman says that the company has been informed by Sony that it plans to produce 10 million PS2 consoles a year and Toshiba, in turn, says it can supply that number of “emotion engines,” the 128-bit graphic synthesizer chips at the heart of the system. Sony reportedly loses money on every system sold but intends to recoup the losses through the sale of game software.

Some analysts are skeptical that Sony can produce the number of consoles it projects, citing existing problems reported in Europe with the device’s disc drawer, loss of electrical power, disc read and dual control problems. Sony refutes that such problems exist.

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