IBM to push TurboLinux

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IBM to push TurboLinux

Despite the fact that the video gaming industry rivals the movie business in revenues, gaming has not yet found the sort of academic respectability endowed by film departments and degrees. The efforts of Robert Nideffer, assistant professor of studio art at the University of California at Irvine, simply to establish a minor in computer games and gaming, have been rejected. Though Alias Wavefront, LithTech, and Microsoft have pledged hardware, software and cash worth more than $2 million, the proposal has been voted down. The Dean of the School of Social Sciences has written, “An academic program of study officially listed as focusing on gaming studies runs, I think, the strong risk of attracting people on the basis of prurient interest.”

In the meantime, USC’s School of Cinema-Television is expected to approve a master’s of fine arts degree in interactive entertainment that will begin in the fall of 2002. During the proposal process, though, supporters carefully avoided using the word “game.”

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