Athlon wins analysts’ prize over P4

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Athlon wins analysts' prize over P4

Advanced Micro Devices, Apple, Integrated Device Technology, Linear Technology, Sun, and other high-tech firms have been hit by the blackouts caused by California’s power shortages. Even some manufacturing facilities were effected, including fabs belonging to Integrated Device Technology and Linear Technology.

Interests opposed to the construction of electrical generation facilities in the state have succeeded in blocking new power plants in recent years and have taken some out of commission, despite significant growth in population and the technology sector. The problem was made worse when the state instituted a price freeze on electricity, which encouraged consumption even as the cost of importing power from out-of-state rose. Tech leaders’ increasing frustration with the state’s political leadership has been aggravated by those who are blaming the power shortages on the computer industry. Many believe the blackouts and the political fallout will dramatically accelerate the decentralization of the IC industry.

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