Carmakers turn to open-source code

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Carmakers turn to open-source code

At the Platform Conference this week, Rambus Inc. VP Avo Kanadjian said he is unconcerned about Intel Corp.’s forthcoming Pentium 4 DDR chipset. Kanadjian says he does not expect the DDR chipset to come to market before 2002, giving Direct Rambus DRAM enough time to establish itself and outcompete the DDR chipset.

He also said that spot market prices of Direct RDRAM have begun to fall, citing two 800-MHz 64-megByte RIMMs listed at about $150. According to the VP, OEMs budget about $200 for memory in the $1800 to $2000 PC market. The dual 128-MByte RIMMs, he says, are well below that threshold. Moreover, he believes the current plunge in SDRAM pricing helps Rambus because memory manufacturers earn better margins on Rambus memory.

Rambus’ latest roadmap, shown at the conference, introduces the next generation 1066-MHz version midyear. A Quad Rambus Signaling Level for consumer chips that transfers 4 bits per clock cycle, will arrive early 2001 and double current data transfer rates.

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