MS exec says Linux un-American, innovation killer

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MS exec says Linux un-American, innovation killer

SafeWeb, a company that offers various methods of protecting Web browsers’ identities, a service criticized by government agencies who want the right to track user’s suspected of crimes, is the recipient of a $30 million investment from the Central Intelligence Agency’s investment arm.

Two of SafeWeb’s founders are of Chinese and Iranian extraction and developed their products in part so users in politically controlled countries could access any Website without fear of detection or interception. That technology is of interest to the CIA because it allows the organization’s operatives to communicate securely without betraying the fact that they are covering their tracks. The company’s Triangle Boy software also performs e-mail spoofing and similar services. According to the company, Triangle Boy allows any computer to act as a Cisco router and access any IP address even if it is blocked on the network used to access the Web. A free version of Triangle Boy will reportedly be available for free download this month.

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