V.92 analog modems coming soon

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V.92 analog modems coming soon

The G.991.2 DSL standard adopted this month by the International Telecommunication Union will speed DSL 35 percent to 50 percent over current versions. A year away from widespread use, the technology “defines single-pair high-bit-rate DSL (SHDSL) as DSL technology that uses established copper wiring to provide symmetric data transmission rates ranging from 192 kbit/s at 6,000 feet to 2.3 Mbit/s at 20,000 feet.” It is expected to spur the usage of voice over DSL.

SHDSL uses one twisted pair of copper wires rather than the current two pairs required by SDSL technology, lowering costs. Chipsets supporting the standard have been sold since last year.

Read the source article is at techweb.com.