Rambus lawsuit impact to be huge

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Rambus lawsuit impact to be huge

EBN reports that Via Technologies Inc. has moved to promote DDR SDRAM uptake through a rebate program, hoping to head off Rambus memory adoption. Limited supplies and high DDR module prices have hurt DDR SDRAM demand. The company is bundling DDR chipsets and 128 MB DDR SDRAM modules. Via is part of the DDR group that also includes Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Micron Technology Inc.

Via has not publicly talked about the rebates but Taipei’s Commercial Times has reported that the company has teamed with Taiwan’s Nanya Technologies Inc. and Apacer Technology Inc. to sell a DDR chipset and 128 MB DDR SDRAM module for $99 per set, about 35% lower than the current prices. Motherboard companies will pay $90 in quantities.

For more information, read ebnews.com.