DFI’s got Serial ATA and more at Computex

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DFI's got Serial ATA and more at Computex

DFI will use Computex 2002 to launch give a first look live demo of a Serial ATA motherboard. Other demos expected will be the Intel 845G-based NB76. On the NB76 the P4 1.6a should be overclocked to more than 2.6MHz. DFI claims the graphics performance has also been seen as being about 20% higher than other 845G motherboards. The other live demo DFI is pushing will be the KT333CE-based AD76 RAID. The AD76 RAID comes with 6 PCI, 4 DIMM, USB 2.0, onboard LAN and 6 channel sound as well as overclocking features such as VCORE, VDIMM and DFI’s BitGuard. We’ll bring you more from our Computex coverage.