MS DRM OS, retagged ‘secure OS’ to ship with Longhorn?

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MS DRM OS, retagged 'secure OS' to ship with Longhorn?

The Microsoft Secure PC project is rolling out, and could be with us as early as the next major version of Windows, Longhorn, John Lettice writes. The whole idea of a computer that just plain won’t let you steal other people’s stuff is of course a tricky one (why would you buy it?), as we’ve previously indicated here, and here, so the ever-resourceful Beast is proposing to spin it as the ultimate tool for protecting your stuff.

Starting with a Newsweek exclusive which wonderfully quotes His Billness as saying: “It’s a funny thing, we came at this thinking about music, but then we realized that e-mail and documents were far more interesting domains.” Which is cute, because it suggests that Microsoft’s original plans to produce a secure PC that will protect the music companies’ stuff from us have been spiked in favour of something much more positive and progressive.

It’s the trustworthy computing thing and Intel and AMD love it too.