Supercomputer eats more power than small city

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Supercomputer eats more power than small city

A big thank-you to Adam Daniel who alerted us to The Register’s guest appearance the New York Times, our second favourite NY paper. This fleeting glimpse can be caught in a piece about trade-offs between heat and power in supercomputer design, courtesy of our ground-breaking article How to fry an egg using an Athlon XP1500+. (Everything to do with heat, nothing to do with supercomputers. But you can see where the NYT is coming from.)

The way semiconductor design is going, CPUs will have a greater heat density than nuclear reactors by 2015. This calculation, a side-effect of the world-famous Moore’s Law, is known, to us anyway, as the Gelsinger co-efficient. Chipmakers and their suppliers are developing new materials, shrinking the die size and investing in sundry manufacturing techniques to address this hot issue.

Los Alamos, nuclear bombs, absolutely super computers and Transmeta


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