Wi-Fi & WECA Naming Confusion Resolved?

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Wi-Fi & WECA Naming Confusion Resolved?

WECA (The Wireless Ethernet Compatability Alliance) the leading standards body for wireless networking technology was ready to brand wireless networks that use the 802.11a (5GHz/54mbit) as the new “Wi-Fi5” standard.

WECA has pulled back from that and has at least tentatively dropped plans to stamp 802.11a certified equipment as “Wi-Fi5

Focus groups studies by WECA told them that users found the “Wi-Fi5” branding confusing and sent the wrong message to customers.

WECA itself also announced that it will also be getting a name change as well. Soon WECA will be known as “Wi-Fi Alliance”.

The jury is still out if the new name changes will be accepted, but this is one editor who welcomes the change. All we can hope is that it will get the final approvals to make it happen.