Raven Software To Expand Development Teams – Job Openings

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Raven Software To Expand Development Teams - Job Openings

Raven Software is about to embark on a pretty large hiring spree or so the rumor goes. They have expanded into adjacent office space and are expanding their development staff from 60 people up to 73. From what we hear this will give them three full teams.

As with any expansion they are in need of a couple of Game Programmers (one for PC Stuff and one for Console Stuff) and a gaggle of Level Designers (with Quake III experience and other 3D Package Experience).

They are pretty well covered in the art, modeling and animation departments, but it couldn’t hurt to send in your stuff. They still have some “to be hireds” in the art department as well.

For information on Raven Software, and what we want to see and where
to send your stuff, visit Raven Software Jobs (From what we have been told ignore the “We are not currently looking to fill any specific positions”.

With a tight job market if you have the right skills this might be the dream job of your life.