Water Cooling Comes To New Hitachi Notebook

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Water Cooling Comes To New Hitachi Notebook

When I first saw this article, I was not sure that I was reading it right. It would appear that Hitachi announced the commercial launch of its water-cooled notebook PC, a 1.8GHz mobile Pentium 4-based machine which uses a patented Hitachi system to aid heat dissipation.

The Flora 270W Silent Model uses a water-based solution tank, instead of a fan or fans for cooling down the processor. Hitachi announced a working prototype using this technology in February.

The solution can last for more than five years, the flexible tube can circulate the solution over 20,000 times and the pump works for more than 44,000 hours, according to Hitachi.

Plastic panels separate these water-cooling elements from high-voltage areas, in case of a leak from the cooling system. Hitachi also offers a three-year guarantee service for the product.

According to our sources Hitachi is still looking at market trends before deciding when to launch the product for the consumer market, which could mean a bit of a wait for those of you waiting to get your hands on this product.

The good news is that Hitachi is in talks with several high-end product makers are in talks with Hitachi for possible adoption of the technology in servers and PDPs (plasma display panels).
Hitachi has patents for this unique water-cooling system, and is trying to promote it as a standard throughout the industry.

Still here at THG we will have to reserve judgement till we see it, but the possibility is exciting, but I just don’t know about carrying around a liquid cooled notebook, judging by the way that I treat my current notebook, I might be in for a lot of problems. (I wonder if it comes with mobile ATI or NVidia graphics?)