Compal and Ares receive new Panasonic handset orders

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Compal and Ares receive new Panasonic handset orders

Panasonic, Japan’s second-largest mobile phone vendor, is accelerating its outsourcing to Taiwan following its earlier deal with Quanta Computer. The company has contracted production of two more GSM handsets with Compal Communication and Ares Communications, with shipments to start as early as the fourth quarter. Panasonic’s increasing focus on medium-range to high-end handsets that allow users to access email and send pictures and sound files may translate into more outsourcing opportunities of low-end phones for Taiwan. DigiTimes estimates that the new Panasonic order, plus shipments to Motorola, may boost Compal’s full-year shipments to 2.5 million units. Shipments at Ares, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwanese phone maker Dbtel Technology, are not immediately clear.

More here at DigiTimes


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