"Intelligent" Doll Will Wow Kids

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"Intelligent" Doll Will Wow Kids

A new doll named “Cindy Smart” can see, hear and talk. Manufactured by the Hong Kong-based company, Manley Toy Quest, Cindy Smart will retail for $99 US and be sold exclusively on Home Shopping Network in September of this year. Cindy comes with a desk, bulletin board, chair, and CD containing 33 “lessons,” which are included in her $99 price. Cindy’s `vision’ capability comes from a miniature camera inside a brooch on her clothing that captures images from Cindy’s bulletin board where text can be placed. The camera then matches those words to the database of vocabulary, colors, shapes, letters and numbers that are preprogrammed into Cindy. Cindy’s real time conversations are made possible by a company-created, 16-bit microprocessor chip that combines voice recognition and artificial intelligence. Cindy’s primary language is English, but she also recognizes and can speak basic vocabulary words in Spanish, French, German and Italian. Plans for Cindy include the ability to read Japanese as soon as next year. Cindy is geared for younger children, and is programmed so that she “learns” as the child teaches her.