The "StarCaddy" Rules!

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The "StarCaddy" Rules!

Even Rodney Dangerfield might appreciate this newfangled golf invention that uses global satellite positioning and golf course maps on a hand-held device you can carry along at the golf course. While it doesn’t include a huge stereo system or serve beer, this non-“Caddy Shack” device is still a very unique golf tool. Known as “StarCaddy,” this gadget uses GPS and preloaded golf course maps that enable a golfer to measure the distance to the center of the green from anywhere on that hole. The device works by indicating an “X” on the handheld screen of the golfer’s position on the course, which then calculates to the nearest yard the distance to the center of the green. StarCaddy also has a ruler tool for planning strategy on long holes and for tracking the location and distance of water hazards. Manufactured by LinksPoint, StarCaddy retails for a hefty $249 US. Detailed golf course maps for about 3,000 U.S. golf courses (out of a total of 17,000 U.S. golf courses) are currently available for an additional $20 US per golf course map.