NEC to Introduce "Green" to its Desktop Line

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NEC to Introduce "Green" to its Desktop Line

NEC has announced that it will introduce to the U.S. market the PowerMate all-in-one desktop computer, which includes a 900MHz Transmeta Crusoe processor, 256 MB of memory, and a 15″ flat panel screen, into which the “guts” of the computer are located. Advertised a “green,” or environmentally friendly, computer, the PowerMate `s flat-panel screen contains no lead in its monitor or in the soldering of its parts. Its chassis is also made from NuCycle plastic, an NEC invention, that, according to NEC, is 100% recyclable. PowerMate uses the Transmeta 5800 Crusoe chip that is kilowatt `stingy’ and quiet (no internal fans!), along with a hard drive that runs at only 20 decibels, similar to the volume level of leaves rustling outdoors. The PowerMate will appeal to environmentalists and health advocates concerned about the amount of lead that remains in discarded monitors (several pounds of lead in each CRT!), and also to recycling advocates. All-in-one computers have not had lasting retail success so far in the U.S. market, as IBM discovered with its now discontinued NetVistaX. The PowerMate will retail for about $1,599. US.