Look, Ma! No Cords!

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Look, Ma! No Cords!

Panasonic has announced its new Mobile Data Wireless Display (MDWD), which is a wireless, thin, flat touch cordless screen with no connecting cable between the screen and the computer, which works up to 150 feet away from the screen. The screen itself is a petite, 800×600, 8.4″ viewing area with very small type, not ideal for the bifocal crowd. But the small screen size allows for easy portability, with a strap on the back of it for show-off chic (you can fasten it to the back of your hand) and mobility. Resembling a large sized PDA, its best feature is its durability. The MDWD can be used outdoors in rugged conditions (rainstorms, construction areas, high dust environments, high heat and frigid temperatures, and even a dousing of coffee), and its screen is available in optional `transflective’ surface for use in bright sunlight. Panasonic claims the MDWD it can survive a four-foot drop onto concrete without shattering or sustaining damage. Another advantage is that you can put the cordless screen away and use the unit like a regular laptop.

And, for the ultimate in portability, you can pair this wireless screen by itself with Panasonic’s ToughBook CF-07, a battery powered computer which weighs only two pounds and is 7.9 x 3.6 x 2 inches in size. For those on the move who can’t live without Internet capability, there is a PC card slot for a wireless Internet card. While it is pricey, has slow processing speed (Pentium III 300-mHz) and only 64mb of memory, both outdoor workers and consumers wanting mobile capability in rugged conditions will appreciate the ingenuity of this unit. The CF-07 ToughBook retails for $2,300 U.S., the MDWD screen retails for $1,500 U.S., and an optional USB-enabled docking station is available for $600 U.S.


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