3Com Granted Injunction Against Xircom for Patent Infringement

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3Com Granted Injunction Against Xircom for Patent Infringement

In a decision that went largely unreported in the technology world, the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah granted a Motion for Preliminary Injunction brought by 3Com Corporation against Xircom Corporation, for Xircom’s patent infringement with its products RealPort and RealPort2. 3Com promptly posted the required bond with the U.S. District Court to put the injunction into effect. The injunction was granted after the Court listened to many hearings, expert testimony, extensive discovery and the opportunity for Xircom to present its defenses to the claims. The injunction prohibits Xircom from manufacturing, selling, using, offering to sell within the U.S., or importing into the U.S., the 26 RealPort and RealPort2 products identified by the Court, and any `colorable imitation’ thereof, which include: RBE-100BTX, RE-100BTX, RBM56G, RM56G, RM56V1, RM56V2, RM56V3, RBEM56G-100BTX, RBEM56G-100, RE-10BT, REM56G-100BTX, REM56G-10BT, XE2000, XM5600, XM5620, XEM5600, R2E-100BTX, R2BM56WGA, R2BM56WG, R2BM56W, R2M56GA, ISDN/DSL-R21, R21-NT1, R2BEM56WGA-100BTX, R2BEM56G-100BTX, R2BE-100BTX.

Xircom, now a subsidiary of Intel Corporation, was acquired by Intel after 3Com had already filed its motion for an injunction against Xircom. The injunction remains in effect until the case is resolved, including the injunction appeal period and during the trial.