Gossip site swipes at Nvidia

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Gossip site swipes at Nvidia

Gossip and rumor mill, The Inquirer, took the unusual step of putting some of its good old British sarcasm to work on Nvidia, which the site has often referred to as Graphzilla (Intel is Chipzilla – geddit?). In an article published today, the site calls Nvidia’s CEO, Jen Hsen Huang, Jen Hsin (okay, so it’s not that great a pun, but you get the point). In addition, The Inquirer goes on to say, “I believe that Nvidia’s shares are extremely undervalued and that nothing that striking has happened between the price it once was of $72 and the price it now is.” Ooh, that smarts.

Wonder what Nvidia did to the boys to get them so riled up. Check out the piece here.