Patents Sought for Odd Array of Beach Gear

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Patents Sought for Odd Array of Beach Gear

Patent applications have been filed with the U.S. Patent office for an odd assortment of “beach devices” designed to enhance one’s enjoyment at the beach. One of the more unusual is an inflatable, floating “pool on the sea” that fills with sea water by both solar and wind power. It has a see-through bottom, soft plastic sides and has an anchor to keep it in place. Complete with a fishing deck on one side, it reportedly will also have fins designed on the bottom and sides to discourage sharks from thinking that floating swimmers in the see- through pool are fish. While the patent has been submitted, no prototype yet exists.

Another patent has been filed for a beach chair designed to accommodate pregnant sun worshippers. The chair has a panel that is removable for lying on one’s stomach, and is reattachable with Velcro on its sides so that lying on both the stomach and back are possible. There is also the “mist-on” suntan lotion atomizer, which can be used for sun tan lotion, insect repellent, salon treatments and other imaginative purposes. Not to be ignored is the application for ear shields that are attached to a hat to prevent sun burned ears. When the ear shield aren’t needed, they flip up out of the way so that the hat can be worn by itself.

What will they think of next??


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