IBM Set To Release New Chip

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IBM Set To Release New Chip

IBM has developed a new network chip, the PowerPRS 64Gu, that will speed data packets through computer network switches more quickly. IBM claims that this new chip moves, or pushes, data at a substantially faster rate than IBM’s previous generation PowerPRS Q-64G. Due to the new design and capability of the PowerPRS64Gu, the PRS64Gu can handle more open ports for simultaneous entry of data into a network switch. The new chip will be built for telecommunications companies that manufacture cellular communications switches, corporate IT networks, and data centers for delivery of voice on demand and video communications. The PowerPRS64Gu is energy efficient, using only about 13 watts, and does not require any cooling devices, making it ideal for small switches and tight spaces. The new chip reportedly will be released next week, and according to IBM, Worldwide Packets, a network equipment manufacturer, will be one of the first to purchase the PowerPRS64Gu.

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