Australian Infringement Decision Goes Against Sony

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Australian Infringement Decision Goes Against Sony

Sony Corporation has lost an infringement case that Sony filed in Federal Court in Australia against a man accused of selling and installing modification chips for the Sony PlayStation. Sony claimed that the “mod chips” violated its exclusive patent rights to the Playstation. When mod chips are installed into the circuit board of the Playstation, players can play games that are from bootleg disks, as well as legal disks from player markets in other locations.

The Australian Judge ruled that the modification chips the defendant was selling did not violate Sony’s copyright rights under Australian copyright laws. He further ruled that the defendant didn’t try to bypass “technology protection measures,” since the protection measures prohibited use of legal backup copies of games, as well as the playing of imported games on the Playstation.

The Australian Patent laws are reportedly very similar to U. S. laws, and the recently enacted U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Consumer and government groups in Australia applauded the Judge’s decision.


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