Palm Will Offer Refunds for m130 Handheld PDA

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Palm Will Offer Refunds for m130 Handheld PDA

As we reported earlier, when the Palm m130 PDA was released, Palm advertised that the m130 was capable of displaying 65,000 colors, or “all of the colors in your life.” Palm recently admitted that, in reality, the m130 only displays some 58,000-color combinations. Palm is now facing a class action suit by some m130 purchasers who apparently have extraordinarily sharp eyes, or perhaps just felt in a litigious frame of mind. As we also previously reported, Palm indicated at the time of its admission that it would not offer refunds to m130 purchasers. In an apparent about-face, Palm has reportedly posted on its Web Site wording to the effect that Palm will now offer a full refund to m130 purchasers who wish to relinquish their m130s, and to those who wish to keep their m130s, Palm will offer a free “SimCity” PDA game download. Palm says that it will send emails to all of its registered m130 owners informing them of these options.