CPUs Enter the Nano-Age

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CPUs Enter the Nano-Age

Today, we’re seeing microprocessors from Intel and AMD using 0.13 micron process technology in high volume manufacturing. That’s 130 nanometers. But just how big (or rather, how small) is 130 nanometers? According to Sunlin Chou, Intel’s Senior Vice President for technology and manufacturing, the size of a typical virus is 100 nanometers. So today’s manufacturing technology creates circuit traces approaching the size of the smallest living organism.

The next generation of process technology is 0.09 micron, or 90 nanometers. Sunlin Chou offered a heuristic of 100 nanometers as the breakpoint for defining nanotechnology. Anything smaller than 100 nanometers can be thought of as nanoscale. That’s all well and good, but what does it actually mean? During the last day of IDF, Intel Fellow Mark Bohr offered some insight into the challenges and benefits of moving to smaller process technologies.

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