IBM’s 64-Bit ‘GPUL’ Chip to Power Macs, Linux Boxes

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IBM's 64-Bit 'GPUL' Chip to Power Macs, Linux Boxes

Apple Computer is looking toward a 64-bit future for the Mac – courtesy of PowerPC partner IBM.

According to sources, IBM Microelectronics is working with Apple on a 64-bit PowerPC processor for use in the latter’s high-end desktop and server systems.

Sources said Apple is testing the CPU, dubbed the GigaProcessor Ultralite (GPUL), on Mac OS X-based hardware at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters and making sure that the processor complies with a new bus architecture on tap for future Macs.

In addition, they said, IBM plans to offer the processor as the centerpiece of future Linux-based systems. As reported this week by eWEEK, IBM recently announced that it would soon introduce new versions of its high-end p690 and p670 servers designed to run Linux native, in place of IBM’s own AIX operating system.

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