BlackBerry Developers Say They’re Blocked

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BlackBerry Developers Say They're Blocked

A common complaint about third-party applications for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform is, more often than not, they don’t support the phone-enabled BlackBerry 5810. And RIM’s partners say that’s RIM’s fault.

While RIM has been selling the 5810 for six months and has announced plans for several more phone-cum-pager BlackBerrys, the company has yet to release the messaging APIs for the device. Sources close to the company said RIM has been slow to release APIs because the company has its hands full switching from C++, which is the development platform for previous devices, to Java, which is the development platform for the 5810.

RIM’s partners said the company needs to spend more time supporting its developers and less time competing with them. For instance, RIM has been busy preparing to release software that enables users to open e-mail attachments from their BlackBerry devices, which is something customers want but also something that third-party developer Onset Technology Inc. has offered since last year.

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