Lexmark To Build Dell Branded Printers

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Lexmark To Build Dell Branded Printers

Dell, confirmed what people have suggested for some time now and announced that it has reached an agreement to work with the Lexmark to create a line of Dell-branded inkjet and laser printers.

With the new deal in place, Dell will make Lexmark its preferred printer supplier for this holiday season, because the new Dell branded models will not be ready in time for this holiday season. (At least this much has been confirmed.)

Dell has been selling Lexmark printers as it’s perferred printers since HP dropped Dell as a distribution partner in July.

Current plans are for Dell to launch its new Dell-branded printers in 2003 but, they are not saying if they have deals with other printer manufacturers or just Lexmark.

To be honest from what we can tell the entire Dell-Lexmark printer deal is still pretty much a mystery as of right now. No one knows when they will reveal models and which models will introduce first, or when.


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