Music sucks, RIAA blames Internet – Update

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Music sucks, RIAA blames Internet - Update

Well, it seems that the recording industry is convinced that file sharing networks are driving down sales so, they’ve got Britney Spears, among others, booked to warn us all off of Internet piracy. Like, yeah! Any of you downloading Spears’ songs? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Of course, the RIAA, the music industry’s henchmen of digital rights enforcement, may not have been briefed on the possibility that CD sales are down because, sometimes, bands suck, and singers don’t sing songs people want to listen to.

There should be some sort of campaign through the Internet to get everyone to not buy any music CDs on a particular day say, November 19, 2002. One day of not buying a single music CD can’t hurt anyone, and it would send out a strong message to anyone who wants to mess with us. Oh, to heck with it. I’m too apathetic to protest anything….

Reuters has the story.

Since I wrote this story a few people have accused me of promoting piracy. My comments are more to do with the draconian anti-P2P activities of the RIAA. Check out this piece on CNET. All I was thinking was that a boycott of the music biz for one day might give the average, law abiding joe a say in all this. I really don’t believe that there are millions of people who are avoiding buying CDs because they can get it for free on the Web. We just don’t have surveys or data to prove the mindset of the masses on this issue. Maybe the music just sucks.

I mean, who can figure out why people pay $20 for a DVD movie that they saw at the local movie house, rented for a repeat viewing at home, and will get to see on TV some day, and which they may never watch again. Everyone loves them shiny DVD and CD discs, that’s why.

The debate will rage on, but it isn’t about piracy. Piracy is bad. Pirates are naughty. I rest my case.