Ant Man Small Trailer Is Here, Full Size Coming Next Week

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Ant Man Small Trailer Is Here, Full Size Coming Next Week

It almost sounds like a joke, the trailer for the trailer, and this is what Marvel did for Ant Man, which is coming on July 17. It was a production fraught with problems, and we’re not sure if this is the right way to market it either…

We figured the trailer was worth checking out, even though we knew it was a small trailer. Well small isn’t the word, the scenes are so tiny, you can barely see anything going on. Was this fan made? Is this a goof? Apparently it is a legit trailer, and at the end of it, a title card tells us the “human size” trailer will debut on January 6 during the ABC show Agent Carter. (A Marvel show, natch.)

This seems like a silly way to advertise a movie, but as always, we’ll reserve judgment until we see the full-blown “human size” version. While many people aren’t familiar with the character, you may recall there was a similar Hannah Barbera cartoon from the sixties, Atom Ant, and we’re sure audiences will get the point, a tiny guy with great powers, and it could be a cool change of pace. We know guys like the Hulk and Superman can get the job done because they’re super-strong, but what about a tiny little guy like Ant Man?

There have been rumors that Ant Man could be another character in the Avengers movie, and we’re willing to bet there Ant Man will appear in other Marvel films down the road if the character takes off. Just make sure he’s not so tiny that we can’t see him…