Palm Offering $50 Trade Up To New Models

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Palm Offering $50 Trade Up To New Models

Palm is offering a $50 Rebate/Trade Up for those who purchase a Palm Zire 71, Tungsten T, Tungsten W, or Tungsten C. While Palm still has the lead over the Pocket PC based devices, Palm wants to convince users of older Palm platform (as well as Pocket PC) platform to move toward these new devices. While the new Palm based devices are clearly more expensive, they do offer the benefits of the new Palm OS 5 which is more multimedia friendly than past versions of the Palm OS.

Eligible Palm OS brands include: Acer, AlphaSmart, ePocrates, Fossil, Franklin Covey, Garmin, HandEra, Handspring, IBM, Kyocera, Palm, Palm- Claudia Schiffer Edition, Palm- Michael Jordan Edition, Samsung, Sony, Supra, Symbol

Eligible Pocket PC (includes earlier WinCE brands) brands include: Audiovox, Casio (Casseopia models only), Compaq, Dell, Everex, Garmin, Hewlett Packard, Intermec, NEC, Palmax, Philips, Razor, Samsung, Siemens, Symbol, T-Mobile, Toshiba, Viewsonic

Many continue to ask what they can do with their old Palm units and other than selling them on Ebay, this is a great offer if you are looking to upgrade. The $50 that you receive in this offer is far more than you can fetch from Ebay on some of the older units. Not a bad deal all in all if you ask us.

Find out more about the Trade Up Offer here.