Abit IS7-G – An Overclocker’s Dream?

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Abit IS7-G - An Overclocker's Dream?

Abit have just released their latest motherboard based on the new i865PE chipset for the Pentium 4, the IS7-G. Unlike many manufacturers, Abit are known to cater directly towards the hardware enthusiast/overclocking crowd, and their motherboards, for the most part, have always been of excellent quality, in the way of performance, stability and feature-set. Abit are guaranteeing that the board is able to hit an FSB and DRAM clock of a whopping 1GHz, when running the new Pentium 4 800MHz FSB processors. Furthermore, the BIOS, in usual Abit fashion, includes all of the customizations that even the most hardened enthusiast would be pleased with. The board also features SATA 150 RAID (allowing a total of 8 hard disks to be connected), 3COM Gigabit Ethernet, 6-channel audio, three firewire ports and eight USB 2.0 ports!

Check out the product page here.


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