Samsung Reload

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Samsung Reload

Riding on the success of The Matrix: Reloaded, Samsung have released the coolest looking mobile phone we’ve seen in a long time – the SPH-n270. For those that have already seen the film, the phone is identical to the one Morpheus and crew use to communicate with the operator in the “real-world”. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the SPH-n270 is PCS CDMA only, it will only be available for purchase in the United States. That said, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Samsung will cater for the inevitable demand that will result, by releasing models that can be operated in other parts of the world as well. “The phone comes with a pop-up earpiece that snaps open at an instant. A button located on the side of the phone releases the spring-loaded earpiece when pressed. We can’t believe how many times we did that with the phone, but it seems to get cooler with each successive time.”

You can Read Hardware Zone’s exclusive preview.


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