Firms offer software to prevent PC theft

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Firms offer software to prevent PC theft

Software companies Phoenix Technologies and Softex have developed an application called “TheftGuard”, which is designed to disable and trace any stolen machine connected to the Internet. “You know how he’s accessing the Internet through his ISP, and then you can get the cops involved”. The software will run independently of the operating system and reside “on the computer’s underlying hardware and on part of the machine’s hard drive”. If your PC is stolen and you have TheftGuard outfitted, all you have to do is “register the machine at the site. If the stolen machine is brought on-line, the original owner can arrange to have the machine crippled or crippled with all data erased”. This is certainly an innovative idea, however, how long before someone figures out how to manually trigger the software through a virus or hacking into your PC?

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