OCZ Dual Channel Gold Series

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OCZ Dual Channel Gold Series

OCZ have recently announced a new series of DDR memory modules, the Dual Channel Gold Series, which have been optimized specifically for the new Intel Canterwood chipset featuring technologies such as “Hyperspeed” and “Extended Voltage Protection” (EVP). Hyperspeed simply means that all memory chips found on these modules will have been hand picked for their ability to run at the highest possible frequency, while EVP allows modules to handle higher voltages through a novel voltage protection circuit, tolerating VDIMM voltages of up to 2.9 volts. Furthermore, OCZ Gold Series memory kits are covered by a lifetime warranty and “will be shipping in 512 PC-3700 Dual Channel optimized kits rated at CL 2-3-7-3 with an operating frequency of 2.75 volts”.

Check out the full press release here.