Memory makers pick up xD media format

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Memory makers pick up xD media format

Memory developers SanDisk and Lexar Media recently announced that their upcoming products will support the new xD Picture Card format developed and owned by Olympus Optical, FujiFilm and Toshiba. “The format was introduced in the fourth quarter of last year and has gained modest ground due to the amount of digital cameras sold by Olympus and FujiFilm”. Like all new standards, xD’s success will depend highly on its adoption in the industry, however, with the support of Olympus, Fuji, and Toshiba, things are certainly looking promising. “Sunnyvale, Calif.-based SanDisk said it has signed a five-year agreement to swap patents and manufacture xD-Picture Cards for Olympus. Shipments will begin in select regions starting June 2003, and will be available worldwide by the third quarter. SanDisk will sell xD-Picture Cards in capacities of 64MB to 256MB. The cards support up to 8GB of capacity.”

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