Intel Investigating Centrino Glitch

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Intel Investigating Centrino Glitch

It seems that end-users have found quite a serious glitch in the current range of Intel Centrino-based notebooks. Apparently, notebooks running the chipset revert to a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) when Nortel Networks Corp.’s Contivity VPN software is installed. The issues seems to be existing solely in Intel’s PROSet drivers “Currently, when a VPN client is installed into a laptop powered by Centrino, the VPN causes a blue screen to appear when the device is rebooted. Nortel, of Santa Clara, Calif., on May 14 sent a bulletin to users outlining a work-around in which the problem drivers in the PROSet will not be installed”. In either case, rest assured that Intel are working on a fix as we speak and you can most likely expect a driver update in the very near future.

Read the full story at eWeek.


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