Transform i865P Into i865PE

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Transform i865P Into i865PE

Bought an inexpensive Intel 865P based motherboard and now kicking yourself because of its lack of support for 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 processors? Fear not, as X-bit Labs have done the research and have come up with a way you can transform your i865P board into an i865PE, using nothing more than a BIOS flash. “Apparently, a number of mainboard manufacturers make their i865P and i865PE powered mainboards on the same PCBs. It means that the design of the products is identical and mainboards use nearly the same BIOS…What we managed to reveal is that if you flash your i865P mainboard with a BIOS from exactly the same mainboard, but on i865PE, you will get an “i865PE-based mainboard” with 800MHz Quap Pumped Bus support as well as dual-channel PC3200 DDR SDRAM memory. It will operate fast and stably while costing a bit less.”. As a result of this revelation, 865PE sales are bound to drop as consumers purchase the cheaper 865P chipset and upgrade it manually.

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