Dell Supports Development Of Synthetic Benchmarks

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Dell Supports Development Of Synthetic Benchmarks

Dell released a statement in support of Futuremark that indicates that they do support the development of synthetic benchmarks as a valuable tool for evaluating graphics subsystem performance. The quote below is taken from the Futuremark web site:

“Dell uses many tools to evaluate system and graphics subsystem performance. We believe 3DMark03 is a solid synthetic graphics benchmark that covers a wide range of usage models and complements application-specific testing. Synthetic benchmarks like 3DMark03 help to differentiate graphics subsystem performance characteristics of both high end and lower end cards by utilizing sets of tests with varying degrees of graphics complexity.”

Without a doubt this could present a problem for companies wanting to see Dell adopt it’s products and integrate it into their product line. It is important to remember that over the counter sales are only a small portion of the total sales picture for most products. OEM business is where the real money is for the most part. Of course poor performance in the 3DMark03 or a perceived deception effecting performance, could damage its potential OEM sales.

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