Abit Cracks the 865PE PAT Code!

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Abit Cracks the 865PE PAT Code!

The ABIT Engineers have come up with a special BIOS that enables up to 30% higher performance on their IS7-G motherboard, putting it on par with the 875P chipset! We published a special report earlier this week regarding the Metamorphosis from Springdale to Canterwood, and have since updated the article with information regarding this new BIOS revision. “Update, June 4, 2003: a day after this article was posted, the BIOS version 1.3 Beta for the Abit IS7-G, a rival product, arrived. The initial tests show that Abit has made the same leap in performance and is now at the same level as Asus. Thus, the frame rates in Quake 3 have increased from 366 to 418 fps – this may be a sign that Abit has also activated PAT.”.

You can download the IS7g_13.b03 BIOS file here.