Further NVIDIA optimizations for 3DMark03?

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Further NVIDIA optimizations for 3DMark03?

Although the Nvidia vs. Futuremark saga seems to be never ending, as you can see from our coverage of the fiasco over the past month, we at THG have been closely following any developments with a keen eye. Just last week the feud seemed to be over, with Futuremark and Nvidia releasing joint statements clarifying that Nvidia’s drivers were only “optimized” for 3DMark03, and that their actions were thus, not classified as cheating. Well, it seems as though the Tech-Report crew have stumbled upon a new series of optimizations in NVIDIA’s Detonator FX drivers that specifically affect image quality, and exist even in the latest 3DMark03 build. Furthermore, renaming the 3DMark executable makes these optimizations disappear entirely. Is this another case of Quake/Quack syndrome? You decide.

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