Epox next in line with Springdale PAT BIOS

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Epox next in line with Springdale PAT BIOS

We reported early last week regarding motherboard manufacturers releasing new BIOS revisions for their i865-based motherboards, enabling Intel’s PAT technology and thus, virtually transforming the board into the higher-end i875 chipset. However, many manufacturers are still BETA testing these BIOS files and thus, have not released them to the public as yet. That said, EPoX was kind enough to supply enthusiast site TweakTown with a beta BIOS for their 4PDA2+ board, which you can download from directly from their website. “I have uploaded the BETA BIOS to our server for owners of the Epox 4PDA2+ to try at their own risk since it is still in BETA and not officially released.”

You can view TweakTown’s post regarding the new BIOS here, or download the 500kb file directly here.