World’s First Illuminated PC Keyboard and Mouse!

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World's First Illuminated PC Keyboard and Mouse!

Computer peripheral manufacturer, Auravision, has just announced the release of its latest product range, illuminated keyboards and mice (or mouses, depending on preference)! The keyboard features internal luminescence, allowing the keys to be totally visible even in dark or low-lit workspaces. Furthermore, “it helps reduce the glare from task lighting, eases eyestrain, and makes the keys easy to see, offering a perfect solution for late-night web surfers, gamers and other computer users”. The keyboard is available in a wide range of colours, including sapphire (blue), aquamarine, tourmaline (red), and citrine (orange) illumination.

As for the new range of mice, Auravision has released a new optical mouse in order to co-ordinate colors with the keyboards. “It is specially designed for serious gamers, featuring ultra flex Hardwire for highly accurate input and stabilized 800 dpi input for faster response in critical game play”.

In addition, Auravision recently signed Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, the three-time World Champion Gamer from the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), to endorse his own line of Gaming products and other lifestyle merchandise. Through this exclusive, worldwide master licensing partnership with the Auravision gaming division, combining his expert knowledge with Auravision’s worldwide resources, Johnathan Wendel will be developing an array of products for gamers under the internationally renowned Fatal1ty brand (spelled with his signature number one as the letter i). Products will be designed by Wendel and a newly formed team of talented gaming designers to focus on the needs of this huge lifestyle marketplace.

You can expect both the keyboards and mice to hit shelves shortly after CeBit! More information can be found on Auravision’s website.