DFI Unleashes LANParty NFII Ultra

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DFI Unleashes LANParty NFII Ultra

DFI have just announced their latest motherboard offering, the LANParty NFII. Based on the nForce2 Ultra 400/MCP-T chipset architecture, the NFII features dual channel DDR400 and 400 MHz Frontside Bus support, RAID 1.5, dual Ethernet, and UV sensitive components for the aesthetically minded enthusiasts. DFI’s LANParty series has always been about coupling aesthetics with features/performance, and so far it has been quite successful, especially for a company that has only recently moved into the enthusiast market sector. “The LANParty NFII Ultra is currently available for pre-release order through DFI’s authorized dealers. The MSRP on this new LANParty model is $169 and the official release date in North America is June 16, 2003.”.

Full specifications on the NFII are available here.


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