Seats Still Available For GDFest Meltdown – June 27-28

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Seats Still Available For GDFest Meltdown - June 27-28

So, you are on the west coast and can’t make it out to MillionMan LAN? – Our friends over at Gamers Depot have a solution, you go to the GDFest Meltdown Bellevue Washington instead.

GDFest still has seats available for its upcoming June 27-28 24hr Meltdown, GDFest will feature a large BYOC area for all platforms and a complete LAN environment. You can sign up today at

GDFest will be one of the largest LAN event on the West-Coast, and will start touring the United States soon. GDFest is organized for all the loyal fans of GD publications including,, and

What is GDFest? It’s a massive LAN party with a lot of fun stuff to do. You can meet people from online in person, win tons of raffle prizes throughout the day, latch on to free swag, view developer previews, and of course play lots of games.

GDFest will have tournaments in the following games:

PC: America’s Army, Counter-Strike (BYOC) & MOH: Spearhead
PS2: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
GameCube: SuperSmash Bros. Melee

Looks like to be a lot of fun for those of you on the west coast. – Sign up soon as available seats are going fast!