Samsung Ramps Up Mass Production of NexMod Technology

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Samsung Ramps Up Mass Production of NexMod Technology

Samsung today announced that its NexMod technology is now available in mass production in memory configurations ranging from 128MB to 256MB using 288Mb-based RDRAM.

Samsung’s NexMod memory module provides a small form factor module for high-performance RDRAM platforms and significantly reduces the footprint on the system motherboard for space-constrained networking systems. Many of these network systems being designed and deployed today are embracing network processor technology to provide high-performance, flexible and scalable architectures. Several network processors use RDRAM technology, including the IntelIXP2800 network processor.

“The memory channel can be constructed on one small PCB as an independent memory channel in a stacked configuration. RDRAM uses 30-40 percent fewer pins than other memory solutions and each pin operates at 1Gbps or faster. With an X18 architecture that supports ECC functions, the RDRAM memory channel elements can be configured in a straight line, which greatly enhances the flexibility of space utilization.”

Read the entire press release .


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