Apple G5 details leak

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Apple G5 details leak

Apple is widely reported to have posted on its online store specifications for its new line of Power Macs that is powered by a new G5 processor at speeds well above Apple’s current lineup, which tops out at 1.42Ghz. “According to screen shots taken by enthusiast sites including MacMinute, the new Macs range in speed from 1.6GHz to a dual 2GHz, all using a new G5 processor. The machines also were touted as having up to 8GB of memory, a 1GHz processor bus, Serial ATA disk drives, AGP 8x Pro graphics from either ATI or Nvidia and three PCI or PCI-X expansion slots. The machines were also said to come with three USB 2.0 ports, one Firewire 800 port and two FireWire 400 ports as well as optical and analog audio in and out ports.”

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