Presentation Line Up For MML2 Announced

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Presentation Line Up For MML2 Announced

We have been telling you how much fun you are going to have if you attend MillionMan LAN 2 in Louisville, Kentucky from June 26th through June 29th, and now the reasons to attend just got even better!

The speaker sessions for MillionMan LAN 2 have now been announced. This is your chance to spend time with the companies sponsoring MML2 and hear what they have to say. That’s right – you get to meet and hear directly from the people who make these products and about the technology behind their design.

Have questions about their products? This will be an opportunity to get your questions answered. Come to have fun – and learn something as a bonus!

Did we mention that they are giving lots of cool stuff away? And that it’s FREE!

Thursday – June 26th:

6:00pm – Let’s Talk – Presented By ASUS –

Rick Allen and Raymond Chen of ASUS will talk about their latest and greatest, not to mention fastest, gaming hardware. Motherboards on display will include the P4P800 Deluxe, P4C800 Deluxe, and the Official Motherboard of MillionManLan 2, the A7N8X Deluxe. ASUS will also debut their blazing new graphics card V9950 TD, which is using the NV35 GPU from NVIDIA. And yes, they will be giving lots of stuff away.

10:00pm – ATI Question & Answer Session –

ATI will be hosting a Q&A session along with an exclusive preview of a new gaming title that will be unveiled publicly for the first time at MML2. The Q&A session will focus on ATI graphics and ATI Catalyst driver technology. ATI will, of course, have plenty of cool stuff to give away during their session.

Friday – June 27th:

3:00pm – The Cisco Networking Workshop –

Networking Nirvana. Should you go wireless? Does CAT 6 really matter? How much backplane do you really need? From the basics to hardcore, Cisco will be on hand to answer your networking questions. Your whole life is about networking; now is your chance to learn how to do it right.

6:00pm – NVIDIA Presents “Unlocking The Performance Of Your PC” –

Unlock the Performance of Your PC with Secret Tweaks and Overclocking Tips, In-Depth How-To Session – Hosted by Scott Baker, Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA Corporation.

10:00pm – Tom’s Hardware Guide Q&A Super Session With David Stellmack –

Continuing the THG tradition, we will be hosting a Q&A session during MML2. Our sponsors ATI, Visiontek and Western Digital have provided us with a lot of cool stuff to give away. In addition, you will have the chance to get your hands on a THG T-Shirt. – The question is: what would you be willing to do to get your hands on one of these t-shirts?

Saturday – June 28th:

3:00pm – Hitachi Speaker Session/Giveaway –

Sean McQueen from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies will do a question and answer session. He will be joined by Mike Bergcamp from Audavi demonstrating their latest product, featuring the newest hard disk drive from Hitachi, the Travelstar 7K60.

6:00pm – ABIT Speaker Session/Giveaway –

ABIT will be conducting a Q &A session, as well as showing off their super overclocked GigaSystem, featuring an ABIT IC7-G running at over 4 GHz, an Asetek Vapochill system and Kingston RAM. Abit will have a variety of goodies to hand out during their session, as well.

10:00pm – AMD Presents The MML2 Showing Of Athlon64 –

AMD is pulling out all the stops for MillionManLAN2. 64-bit is the future of computing and you will be able to learn more about it in depth from two of AMD’s top minds, Rhett Dillingham and Kevin Owen. Kevin will bring you up to speed on the mobile front information about the Athlon64 and how it will reshape the mobile industry through leadership and innovation. Rhett will bring to light the seamless transition to 64-bit computing in the desktop space. Find out what you need to know to be ready for Athlon64.

AMD will also have these mobile and desktop Athlon64 machines on display for your viewing pleasure and education. That’s right; MML2 attendees will be some of the first people outside of the media to see the Athlon64. Some of the stuff AMD plans to show at MML2 is so secret that they still burying the bodies! And that isn’t all: AMD has more in store for you with prizes and giveaways, and a couple of things you’ll just have to see in person to believe.

Time is running out… but, seats are still available for MML2. You can still sign up to attend and join in all of the MML2 fun. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the best LAN party of the year.

Sign up here.


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