Ideazon Added As Sponsor Of MML2

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Ideazon Added As Sponsor Of MML2

Ideazon has announced that they will be an official sponsor of the MillionManLan 2. Ideazon is the developer of the Zboard, the world’s first interchangeable keyboard system which is custom-designed for today’s popular business and gaming applications. (You can read our review of the Zboard in our article titled “A New Keyboard For Real Gaming Control”).

The Zboard is designed specifically for the dedicated gamer and application user. Comprised of a permanent base and a variety of interchangeable keyboard interfaces, the Zboard’s two-piece design allows users to quickly and easily change keyboards to access application specific, customized commands and shortcuts that dramatically increase gaming performance and application usability and productivity

You can still sign up to attend and join in all of the MML2 fun. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the best LAN party of the year.

Sign Up Here


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