New Incentive To Win The MML2 "Worst Case Contest"

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New Incentive To Win The MML2 "Worst Case Contest"

Our MillionMan LAN 2 sponsors know a good thing when they see it. After we announced the MML2 “Worst Case At MML2” Contest sponsored by Chenbro, Rick Allen from ASUS called and told us he wanted to be a part of this. Rick said, “You know, this “worst case” thing sounds pretty interesting, and it will be great to see what people are able to come up with.”

THG not one to turn down additional sponsor prizes, so with great pleasure we announce that Asus, ATI, and AMD will join Chenbro as a sponsor of the MML2 Worst Case Contest.

That means the ante has just been upped. If you are the one person who shows up with the worst looking computer case at MML2, you could walk away with the following prize package:

Xpider Mid Tower Case From Chenbro
A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard From Asus
3000 Athlon XP From AMD
Radeon 9600 From ATI

The “Worst Case Contest” will be judged based on the condition of the case as well as creativity, design, and imagination, but the focus will be on finding the computer case that is in the worst condition. The computer inside this shabby case must function, and its owner must be playing on this system during MML2. While creative entries will of be considered, the judges are looking for the one case that distinguishes itself as “the worst” at MML2. The fact that the person is forced to rely on this system is enough to warrant such a great prize package from our sponsors. The winner will have almost everything needed to build a new system!

No need to sign up. Just show up at MML2; and you are already entered. The winner will be announced on Sunday, June 29th at 1 P.M. and must be present to win.

We still have seats if you want to come to MML2 and enter your case.